Responsible feasting

Refreshing fruit ice creams made from 100% fruit

For Europe's fruitiest ice creams, we use our cold-pressed juices and smoothies to make responsible summer snacks. Because on hot days there is nothing like the ice-cold taste of a fresh fruit ice cream. Enjoy responsibly with our refreshing fruit ice creams.

This is Hoogesteger

Fresh and fruity

Our ice creams are uniquely fruity. They consist of 100% fruit and that is unique. We make the fruit ice creams from our own cold-pressed juices and smoothies, which makes them rich in natural flavours. The fruit ice cream contains no added flavours, sweeteners or colourings. So you can responsibly enjoy them on the next summer day. Or already earlier, they are actually too good to pass up.

Let customers of all ages enjoy responsible fruit ice creams. Available in summery flavours such as strawberry and tropical fruit, or work with our team to create a unique taste experience on a stick.

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