A healthy boost

High-fibre Veggie Boosters

Crisp and delectable vegetables form the basis of our vegetable shots. Supplemented with a little fruit for flavour, it is a delicious healthy snack. Because all Veggie Boosters contain more than 80 grams of vegetables, it is easy to get enough healthy fibres every day.

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Rich in fibre and flavour

Vegetables are naturally rich in fibre and therefore good for your health. When vegetables are pressed, some of those fibres are lost. That's why we choose to blend the ingredients of the Veggie Boosters instead of pressing them. That way, as much fibre as possible is retained. Every morning, we blend a variety of carefully selected vegetables. Then we add a little fruit juice for a pleasant flavour. So the Veggie Boosters are not only high-fibre and healthy, but also delicious.

Veggie Boosters are a healthy snack that enriches the range of chilled juices. Combine green, orange or red vegetables to create a complete traffic light or develop a new energy source with a surprising composition.

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