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Because nothing tastes as good as real fresh

At Hoogesteger, fresh means really fresh. For our tasty juice products, we use more than 80 types of ingredients, such as ultra-fresh vegetables and fruit, but also fresh herbs. Thanks to innovative techniques, our juice tastes as nature intended. Fresh, pure and rich in flavour.

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Technical Service Employee
Frank Kooter
Sourcing Manager
Dorota Jaruszewska
Quality Control Officer
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Planning & Capacity Specialist
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Our motives

Enjoying pure nature

As a partner in premium freshness, we develop distinctive freshness concepts. Unique blends that are super fresh, taste great and are packed with vitamins and minerals.

The goal is to let the whole of Europe enjoy the best that nature has to offer. This means that our company is constantly on the move. By using ever smarter techniques, flavours are preserved even better. This makes it possible to supply the whole continent with fresh products.

In order to remain in the public eye, we are constantly creating new fresh concepts and flavour combinations, tailored to our customers' target groups. Everything we come up with has the same basis: ultra-fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs that we cold-press daily in our advanced presses.

Behind the presses, but also in the office and when visiting suppliers, you will find Hoogesteger's secret ingredient: a team of experts with a passion for fresh. Our team deploys their knowledge and experience throughout the chain in order to exceed your expectations time and again.

How it started

The orange that got everything rolling

The best ideas are sometimes born out of necessity, and Bert Hoogesteger knows all about that. In 1988, he was standing at the market with self-imported fruit and vegetables when liqueur maker Bols placed a large order for orange peels. Bols needed the peels for a new liqueur, but was not interested in the rest of the fruit.

Bert's wish to use all the qualities of the orange was the starting shot for the first juice line of Hoogesteger. From day one, making the most of high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables has been an important success factor for our company.

Sustainable partnerships

Together we conquer the hearts of consumers

Our responsibility does not stop at the walls of the press shop. By working together with all partners in the chain, the consumer gets the best product available on the market.

This cooperation starts with our suppliers, all of whom we know personally. From the spinach farmer around the corner to the pineapple farmer in Central America. Together, we set the bar high and make the strictest quality requirements the standard.

We also work closely with our customers. Together, we come up with surprisingly versatile fresh concepts, develop smart production and packaging techniques and respond quickly to trends. By constantly researching developments in the market and working together with leading knowledge institutes, we know what is going on and can conquer the hearts of consumers.

Our customers and our delicious juices can be found all over Europe.

Corporate responsibility

Because nature deserves our care

Sustainable production preserves nature for future generations. This is why we place high demands on our suppliers and design our production process to be increasingly environmentally friendly. We are already doing this:

  • All suppliers are Global Gap and GFSI certified and audited for quality, safety and environment.
  • Energy-efficient equipment minimises CO2 emissions
  • Loss is countered with our HPP and FMP techniques
  • By using fuller pallets, for example, we optimise transport

We continue to innovate in order to further reduce our footprint. In the CSR report, we explain the choices we have made and our plans for the future.