Fresh concepts

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices

And by fresh, we mean really fresh. All our products have the same basis: ultra-fresh fruit and vegetables. The ingredients are cold-pressed daily and because we never heat the juices, they retain their high quality, delicious flavour and are rich in vitamins and minerals. We blend the juices into unique blends and process them into healthy enjoyment products, from juices, smoothies and shots to tasty fresh ice creams.

A global search for the best ingredients

To create the tastiest and healthiest recipes, we squeeze more than 80 types of ingredients such as fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs every day. Our ingredients come from all over the world. We buy fruit and vegetables from where the harvest is best. Close by if possible, far away if necessary.

Whether they are growers of fresh Dutch apples or juicy oranges from South Africa, we know them all personally. This way, we know the origin of our products and it is ensured that everyone meets the highest standards in terms of quality, food safety and sustainability.

Made from 100% recycled plastic
Available sizes

For small and large fans

Our high-speed filling lines process different types and sizes of bottles with ease. From PET to HDPE and from 60 to 2000ml. In consultation, we put together the ideal range.

Some of the available formats

  • 60ml
  • 250ml
  • 330ml
  • 500ml
  • 1000ml
  • 2000ml
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Unique and recognisable

Our team knows exactly how to creatively combine the natural qualities of fruit and vegetables into a perfect blend. Recognisable Hoogesteger blends, but also unique combinations that are exclusively available from one of our partners. This enables you to offer a distinctive range of premium quality juice products.

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